Hiya y'all!! 
•• Let me start by saying that I hate writing these little descriptions of myself, so this may end up sounding a tad scattered! Haha••

Alrighty then... I'm a mom of 2 precious little girls, ages 9 & 10 (They're only 11 months apart AkA Irish Twins) I've lived in North Carolina all my life and rarely ever get the chance to leave the state... Even though I've always dreamed of traveling. To be honest... I didn't use to like reading very much when I was younger. I actually use to write all kinds of little stories and poems. Now that I'm older, it seems that I've switched between the two... I read 24/7 and rarely ever do I write anymore. My favorite kind of books are Young Adult Fantasy - such as books filled with Magic, Faeries, Mystical Worlds, Mystery and a touch of Romance & some good action! I really enjoy traveling to all if the different worlds and discovering everything that's they offer.... All while never leaving my home! Without books, I'd be awfully bored most days!
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