I just finished reading the firebird series for the second time ❤️ I just simply love it. I hope it becomes a movie someday ☺️


Seriously just had to say something about your stand alone, Fateful!
          That book literally changed my life in so many ways.
          It made me cry and laugh and sometimes had me really frustrated.
          That was the first book I read after switching to a new town and it made me realize how much I had loved reading so now I’m finding the love for it again.
          Granted I’ve only turned 13 a couple months ago but I know that I wouldn’t be as happy if I hadn’t found and read your book.
          So yeah that’s all thank you so much and I plan on reading all your books soon.


I want to read Balthazar .. but I never found the E-book.. please Claudia bring to me ❤ I'm a big fan of your job ❤❤


I just finished Ten Thousand Skies Above You and I can't believe the ending! Pleeeeeaaaaassssse tell me there's a third book!?! Also, Claudia you are one of my absolute favourite authors. I love the Firebird series sooooooooo much and I just started reading one of your Star Wars books. I love your writing! 


Ya, I’m already halfway through! It’s soooooooo good!


Wow just saw this now. If your library has it, then yes!! the book is published already. There is also an ebook version if you like :) 


Thanks by the way! 


Omg! I recently finished reading A thousands pieces of you and I absolutely LOVED it! I couldn't put the book away for a second!!!


I LOVE YOUR BOOKS, Especially the Firebird Series and your STAR WARS book like Lost Stars. You’re one of my favorite authors! <3


I love youuuuu, I love you sooo much Claudia Gray ❤️❤️


I'm being crazy now! I'm so obsessed to Marguerite Caine! I'm a huge fan of your works! It's driving me really crazy!


Hey I hope you're having a great day!
          I love the quantum physics in your book. You must have done a lot of research.
          I had a super quick question. Does travel between dimensions work similarly to teleportation? On pg 10 of A Thousand Pieces above you Marguerite mentions "No longer observable" in relation to Schrödinger's cat. Does the Firebird use quantum entanglement to transport individuals between dimensions? If so, how does that work? If it is like teleportation doesn't that leave scrambled matter in the dimension you're leaving and doesn't that require matter in the dimension to which you're travelling to be quantum entangled as well?
          Thank you so much.
          It's an amazing book. 
          Much love,