Goodbye everyone! I am leaving for basic training and I will be gone for 10 weeks at least. I apologize for not updating before leaving but I promise I will be free and ready to write once I finish AIT (7 weeks after the initial 10).
          	I love you all!


@AuthorAnon_ Wish you good luck woman!! Go be a badass! Powow! 


@AuthorAnon_ good luck!


@AuthorAnon_ good luck, Allie!!


Hi Author! Just dropping by to tell you how much I love Captive of the Seas! One of the best reads on Wattpad that I’ve encountered so far! I want to read your other works - let me know which book I should try first? ❤️
          Keep up the good work! I’m now officially your fan! :) 


I just finished captive of sea and now I am a sobbing mess... It's so bloody beautiful.
          Hope you have a nice day.


I binged "captive of the sea" in one night it is really good, heartbreaking yet one of the best books i've read in a while. It was truly an amazing masterpiece dear author. ☺️❤️


the second book that got me ceying after i finished it reading is 'captive of the sea' its really heartbreaking asf :c caly and atlas will 4ever remember c:




@azvamethia no one died, dont worry


@mckorokosmos hi i'm curious what happened, did someone die or something? please tell me


ur 'captive of the sea' literally drove me to death:c its just sad that atlas and her didn't come up w/ marriage thingy, tho its really beautiful! nways, ur fan from philippines c:


The Captive of the sea is the first ever story that got me cried so hard. I love how things work even tho it makes my eyes water with pain and happniess, damn, everything was all worthwhile to read. Cally and Atlas will always be have a special place in my heart, they may be fictional but the creator was not, thus, their presence will be always alive in my heart. Im hoping to see more stories like this one. Lots of love. 


@LufyWalter (2) cally and atlas will 4ever remain in my heart too ❤❤❤


I am, absolutely, in love with CAPTIVE OF THE SEA. The smiles, the tears, the love, the feels, the fear, the pain, and everything I felt are all worth it. I can't say how much true it seems. Atlas is my favourite and I know, I would always remember him. I like Cally and her soft heart. I hope you know how much of a brilliant creator you are, and hoping to read such beautiful creations of yours in near future, too. Best of luck ❤️


Is there an updating schedule?


Can't wait to read your future stories! ^.^ Captive of the sea left a mark on my heart and guess I'll be always visiting on your profile now,  dear author. You made me become one of your supporters  >\\\< Keep writing and enjoy your passion~ Xoxo.