I have updated 1 story~ yay new chapter~ Madness~


 #Author-Dayo hi I wanned to know if you wanned to read this fanfic I did. It's about master Splinter.

          I've never seen fanfic like this so I did one myself. It's almost done. And I would be happy if you read it and recomend it to others.
          Thanks in advance.


SORRY I didn’t realize that undertale: giving soul was unfinished. 
          Apparently it didn’t save when I finished it and stopped midway of the story  will finish “we are one” this week.
          I’m sorry Guys for the unfinished story 


Tmnt x Leo is done.  
          It was a slow pace upload but I did it  sorry for so much death but 2020-2021 has not been nice me to.  
          I will be making new stories for you lovely readers.
          Undertale: will be the next on my list.
          Tmnt x Mikey: will be after undertale is finished. (I will work on both so upload will be smoother.
          And a re-write on Tmnt x Donnie: with a proper ending this time around. #authorsFirtBook. #regrettySpaghettii. #loveTheReaders 


Btw I love ur stories


@Author-Dayo ahhh can't wait!