If you want to know anything about me that I'm not about to say, just PM me. It doesn't matter what it is, I will answer honestly.

I just turned 16. Deal with it, bitches.
I'm emo, so deal with it. And no, I'm not gay. I'm not afraid to speak my mind at all.
But anyways, I love to write about Angels, Fallen Angels, Vamps, spirits and forbiden loves. Love to read Assassin type books. I also like Vampire books, except for twilight!
And if you can't tell, I do cuss a whole shit ton. Just a fair warning.
I love being with my friends and having them read parts of my works. If you like books about romance, treachey, strange abilities, and violence, you have come to the right person.
Become a fan and get updates of my works almost weekly or more.
I keep everyone posted. Also if you have any ideas for works for me to do, or even requests for short stories, just message me. I love all of you. Bye!!!
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Forbidden Love(BrotherxSister)

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Description: I love her. But she can never know. But I need to tell her. But it's wrong. What am I supossed to do?


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