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Yes i ship Larry Stylinson, not jugde with me :)

Hi Im Deaf im 16(: Everyone rude comment about me not good english um it hurt my feel honest i not good english lil bit because im deaf full no hear no talk i use ASL so that why i not good english lil bit, i learn grammar english try my best...if u rude comment i'll report respect thank you... I Makee Imagines So If You Want Me Make Imagines For You So Comment Thanks (: FOLLOW ME THIS TWITTER IMAGINES 1D (:
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I Love You Daddy Austin Mahone

Social data: 16K reads. 392 votes. 65 comments.

Description: ~Imagine Austin Mahone is your father and Camila is your mother but She run away because not want keep you...Austin keep you... Later you was 16 You feel fell in love with Austin? It wrong because Austin is y...


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Austin Mahone | Prince |

Austin Mahone | Prince |

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Imagine Austin is Prince but his parents sent Austin go to school and when Austin meet you in school...

Protect Abusive Austin Mahone

Protect Abusive Austin Mahone

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This imagine about you and your boyfriend who abuse you... Austin protect you from him so you wont get a...

Austin Mahone is my teacher (Teacher x Student)

Austin Mahone is my teacher (Teacher x Student)

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ok this teen fiction && imagine.. Austin is your teacher. You are students. Your dad bully hurt you... a...

| She's the man | Austin Mahone

| She's the man | Austin Mahone

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this story imagine about you are girl but you use private clothes like be boy. Because Austin's Alex wan...

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