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Yes i ship Larry Stylinson, not jugde with me :)

Hi Im Deaf im 16(: Everyone rude comment about me not good english um it hurt my feel honest i not good english lil bit because im deaf full no hear no talk i use ASL so that why i not good english lil bit, i learn grammar english try my best...if u rude comment i'll report u...be respect thank you... I Makee Imagines So If You Want Me Make Imagines For You So Comment Thanks (: FOLLOW ME https://twitter.com/1D_Imagiines_ox THIS TWITTER IMAGINES 1D (:
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I Love You Daddy Austin Mahone

Social data: 10.6K reads. 271 votes. 56 comments.

Description: ~Imagine Austin Mahone is your father and Camila is your mother but She run away because not want keep you...Austin keep you... Later you was 16 You feel fell in love with Austin? It wrong because Austin is your father? But you not care you love Au...

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Austin Mahone is my teacher (Teacher x Student)

Austin Mahone is my teacher (Teacher x Student)

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ok this teen fiction && imagine.. Austin is your teacher. You are students. Your dad bully hurt you... a...

| She's the man | Austin Mahone

| She's the man | Austin Mahone

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this story imagine about you are girl but you use private clothes like be boy. Because Austin's Alex wan...

Protect Abusive Austin Mahone

Protect Abusive Austin Mahone

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This imagine about you and your boyfriend who abuse you... Austin protect you from him so you wont get a...

I'm your sex slave Austin Mahone?!

I'm your sex slave Austin Mahone?!

75.8K 1K 84

this imagine You was alone walk go home from school...What happen boys two name Austin and Alex get you...

I think your an AMAZING human being!! I haven't read any of your books yet but I'm planning on reading Protect Abusive Louis Tomlinson I just read the summary and I saw what you commented underneath about you being deaf, and if anyone comments anything rude about it I will personally kick their butt. I believe that God has a beautiful life planned for you even though Satan has made you deaf you are beautiful and amazing!!!! I'll be praying for you!!
      Sorry I just thought that I should tell you that!!!        
                                                                    Xx Abi G