"When we sleep our minds open to all sorts of stimuli"

My Faith, Family & Friends mean the world to me.
Hurt them and I will hurt you☮

I am not constantly online, I come and ago as I please✌

♥Reading is beautiful
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@KitCath3 toot toot what's a crack-a-lacking? 
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Description: She suffered a lot in the past month and tried to seek a way out. Something easy and fast. Something that would get rid of all the darkness, numbness and pain. Though at the end of the day easy is not always t...


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A Dream

A Dream

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"I love you" he said and as usual she thought it was a dream but somehow this time it seemed very differ...

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Our Angel

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SO WRONG BUT OH SO RIGHT! (Teacher/Student)

SO WRONG BUT OH SO RIGHT! (Teacher/Student)

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Craig Richmond is a teacher in love. He is whipped and he knows it. All he ever thinks about is her. Her...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List