Hi I'm Sofie (or Auro, if you want to bring me back to my angsty 12 year old days) and I love writing original stories and the odd questionable poem! I'd love some feedback on anything  I upload!  Just to drive an age old cliche I have wanted to be a writer pretty much all my life, as long as I can remember anyway, so I'd like to use this site as a means to improve my work. also I live in rainy England and am a student at university of Scandinavian Studies and Norwegian. If you're interested in this please do message me, I would have loved someone to reassure me about that kind of course among the many who just mock you and your ridiculous study choice ;)

here's some stuff I like because why not it's a page about me -

Music like Evanescence, Crystal Castles, Daughter, Three Days Grace, Keaton Henson, Wardruna, Omnia, Within Temptation, Tiesto, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Ramin Djwadi, Two Steps From Hell, Skrillex, Pendulum... I could go on forever :)

I'm also an ENORMOUS fan of A Song of Ice and Fire , Lord of the Rings, Joe Hill books and manga (a weird mixture, I know)
other favourite books include: Horns by Joe Hill, the Death of Bees, My Fight Your Fight by Ronda Rousey, Wool/Shift/Dust from the Silo trilogy etc...

Nerd at heart for some manga/anime like Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Death Note, Wolf's Rain, Fruits Basket e.t.c and TV like Vikings, The Bridge, Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Russell Howard's Good News, Pillars of the Earth, Mrs. Brown's Boys...

I'm keen to read good stories, so if you've looked at the above and spotted anything that I'd enjoy please let me know - I'm as keen a reader as I am a writer :]


If you're REALLY bored and scrolled this far, I'm also:
British, Dutch, Austrian and Swedish. Yes a mongrol.
Blonde hair
Green/amber eyes
I have a dead snake, dog and two cats who I still love and miss immensely
Writing is my passion. In case it wasn't obvious ;)

Message me and be my mate plz!
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Auromoon Auromoon Mar 29, 2016 07:43PM
Hi everyone! If anyone out there is still interested in my writing (really grateful if so!) please check out the prologue of my new story Dog's Blood which I am devoted to writing. It's a science-fic...
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Dog's Blood

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Description: A hundred years from now, the world has undoubtedly become a safer place: for most. Thanks to fantastic advances in the medical world, more than 80% of serious diseases, genetic disorders and illnesses have be...


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