Hello world! This is the joint account of @donttouchmyfood and @VikkiGee ! We are here to take fandom by storm with our co-writing stories! xD 

A bit about myself. And by myself being Varry (or Var)
I like to make people laugh as much as I like One Direction.
Thats about it! xD
oh, I also enjoy food as much (maybe) as Sari down there xD
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HOLA, ME LLAMO Sarina Ha, who am I kidding, I'm not Spanish. And I suck at speaking it, so lets move on. I love food (^note, my personal username) and..um..yeah, don't touch my food. It'd be really stupid of you. Okay, um, whatelse whatelse...I love to write. I think that's pretty obvious, though... and I absolutely like LOVE One Direction. If you don't like 1D, I suggest that you not be on this page. So, yeah, bye. (:
Follw me on Twitter: @donttouchmifood !

@donttouchmyfood 's other 1D fanfics on her personal account are Chasing Cars and Teach Me How To Dance, Ever After, plus some One Shots!

@VikkiGee 's other 1D fanfics on her personal account include Who Are You? and Runaway Love, HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. and I Can't Be Tamed, plus some one shots!

We are two little squirts who just wanna have fun, fangirl One Direction, and eat all the time x)
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Okay. So I deleted like half of what I wrote yesterday, but since I'm going on a reaaally...
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Broke. That's what Lucey and Sarina are. Just downright broke. Kicked out of their apartment with no place to stay, they have to turn to the only other option. Lucey's brother, Louis Tomlinson. Too bad he's on tour...