Hello world! This is the joint account of @donttouchmyfood and @VikkiGee ! We are here to take fandom by storm with our co-writing stories! xD 

A bit about myself. And by myself being Varry (or Var)
I like to make people laugh as much as I like One Direction.
Thats about it! xD
oh, I also enjoy food as much (maybe) as Sari down there xD
P.S: Follow me on Twittahhhh! @vikkigeelove !

HOLA, ME LLAMO Sarina Ha, who am I kidding, I'm not Spanish. And I suck at speaking it, so lets move on. I love food (^note, my personal username) and..um..yeah, don't touch my food. It'd be really stupid of you. Okay, um, whatelse whatelse...I love to write. I think that's pretty obvious, though... and I absolutely like LOVE One Direction. If you don't like 1D, I suggest that you not be on this page. So, yeah, bye. (:
Follw me on Twitter: @donttouchmifood !

@donttouchmyfood 's other 1D fanfics on her personal account are Chasing Cars and Teach Me How To Dance, Ever After, plus some One Shots!

@VikkiGee 's other 1D fanfics on her personal account include Who Are You? and Runaway Love, HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. and I Can't Be Tamed, plus some one shots!

We are two little squirts who just wanna have fun, fangirl One Direction, and eat all the time x)
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(My name is Sarina and I approve this message.) 
(I'm so weird)
Okay. So I deleted like half of what I wrote yesterday, but since I'm going on a reaaally...
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