Name's Aspen. I'm fourteen years old, I love reading and writing (obviously or else I wouldn't be on here haha). Let's see...

- Daughter of Ares, blessed by Hades and Athena.
- hunter of Artemis.
- Daughter of Jeanine Matthews. I'm divergent, transfer to Dauntless.
- I'm a slated with a Levo and a working chip.
- Alpha wolf of the Blood Moon Pack.
- Abberation, my loyalty belongs to the rising
- I'm a Gryffindor, but Thunderbird in Illvermorny.
- Daughter of Time in wonderland
- I've been in camp for seven years
- patronus is a pheasant.
- animagus is a Grimm wolf. Yes I know, very dark.
- district Eight, I dislike the Capitol.
- Best fighter pilot in the Rising.
- I love heavy metal and rock music.
- I MAY or may not be addicted to LP

I support anyone's decisions with anything and I'll always be here for you. I mean it.

Likes: Writing, Reading, being competitive, running around and being an active ass.

Dislikes: spiders (thanks Athena), being called weak, anyone messing with my friends. Mess with me, and you'll regret it.

I'm not the best at making friends but hey, PM me if you need to. (I just realised how 'encouraging' that sounded. Seriously though, I'm here for you)

@ProWriterXD ~ someone I want to throw off the Eiffel Tower because she claims I act like a cat.

@Opal671 ~ someone I dragged halfway across the school yelling out 'pizza!'

@EmilyRossManga ~ don't mess with her.

@ImAChillLarrie ~ I don't know where you went. I don't know why you left but...stay safe man.

Oh oh oh, I made an account with @Opal671 which is @Two_Crazy_Writers as well as with @1BlueMustache1 which is @BloodMoonWolves so make sure to check them out. Although my account with Opal is currently on hold, but don't worry, it's not permanent.

Hm...that's all for now. Oh and this goes out to Apollo: STOP MESSING WITH MY FRIEND OR ELSE I WILL....WELL. IM THE DAUGHTER OF ARES yeah. That. Bye.
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Hey guys I just wanted to say that I published a new book - a Halloween Special. It's called 'the night he came home'. I tried my best with it and is really deeply appreciate it if you gave me honest...
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