I've started to write the sequel of Unexpected (Edward Cullen fan fic). Seven chapters are written so far. For now, I've planned around 20 chapters. Once the book is done, I'll post it.
          	Concerning the sequel of True Feelings (Jacob Black fan fic), the only first chapter is written but the whole plot is quite set. Just, like the sequel of Unexpected, once the book is done, I'll post it.
          	I don't know when the two books will be ready but it should be finished in the first part of 2021.


@Ashleyy1005 I'm so excited for the sequel to True Feelings


@ananyarr the sequel is not out yet. Please wait a bit more. It's just a matter of time before it is ready.


@Ashleyy1005 im not able to find the sequel of Unexpected.....


Heyy I absolutely am in love with your eowyn book it’s just sooo amazing I love your writing style and the storyline is so unique pls keep updating at your own time I cannot wait to see what happens next all the love and stay safe ❤️❤️


Hey so this is like a weird request, but I was wondering if you like couldn't make Morgana evil ? Like if you do then maybe Merlin gets ber back on track or maybe Merlin and morgana both become evil and his sister I can't remeber her name, bring them on the good side, cause I'm in love with Merlin and Morgana lmao.