Well, all you really need to know that I am a crazy maniac who is a serial killer and I am under your bed this second with a dagger :D hahahahahahaha you totally believed me!!!!!! (just let me ahave this moment of joy) *laughs hysterically for an hour*

Ahah, ok, I'm done, you were saying? Ok well I'm Ashleigh (-_-) and I write. Books. And songs actually. And a bit of poetry. And also my homework. And shopping lists. And- Gee, ok, you could've just said that that's enough!!!! Gawd... -_-

Umm yeah I like hockey and tennis and dance and I love to write (apart from hw obvs...) and sing and listen to music and go on youtube and whatnot and so on and blah blah blah.... Oh PS you know how I said that stuff at the start? Yeah half of it was actually true (the half about the serial killer under your bed with a dagger) KIDDING!!!!!!!! *has another laughing fit* Yeah, I meant the bit about the crazy maniac thing... I wasn't kidding... :)

Well, I also like cheese, apple pie and vanilla ice-cream :D Oh and I LOVE brussel sprouts and despise chocolate... Or is it the other way round? I'm not actually sure... :)

Ok, I hope you have fun reading my not so great books, I realize I am a very lazy person and have started a bunch of books but never got past like the 8th chapter or something.... I'M SORRY OK!!!!! ;''( I've just been busy leave me alone!!!! ;'( Well, yeah, and I'm really sorry to keep you waiting...

I also know that most of my books are like, Book of the Year (hahaha more like Book of the Garbage) but i don't wanna delete them because they show the progress I've made since I started writing :D

I have recently made a book cover club and am hiring book cover makers to join the team, so if you'd be interested in that please visit this link:


I hope you err... have fun with that :D

Ahh I only have like 100 characters left!!! Well, I'd like to use that time... damn...
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@seul_princess its ok :D
@liveeah of course! sorry for the late reply by the way x
@DarknessAndLight ur welcome :) :) :)
@Estrellalove thanks :D u 2 :)
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