Hi all! 
          	I have not disappeared (again). Indeed, no. Merely gallivanting around the globe. I'm currently in London at the moment but I'll return home to my humble abode tomorrow. 
          	Have not forgotten about the next instalment, it just needs a bit of tweeking here and there. It seems that over the years my mind has changed about the direction of the story and I have to constantly go back and correct and edit a few discrepancies. Apologies if you pick them up. 
          	I'll reply as soon as I can to messages/comments/leers/jeers. Thanks for all your continued support. :) 
          	And now if you'll excuse me there's a glass of champagne with my name on it... 


@Ashful Your the reason why I still you this app. So happy to read this. :)


Hey i just read whe like minds collide and i loved it! I checked your account out to see the rest of the series and i was wondering if you had discontinued or were just on a break. I do hope that you’ll start updating soon oriana’s story. I hope all is well with you have a nice day!


Hey ...!! I wuld just like to say that ur book is absolutely amazing..!! I m a fan on historical fiction nd fantasy.... Nd ur brightmore books are incredible... I have just read 7 chaps of the first book.. bt i came back specially to write u a review..!! I AM COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY IN LUV WITH THIS BOOK!!!!


Sweet love of mine- interesting and a little emotional story how can father do these kinds of deeds to his own daughter is beyond me


The taming of Victoria Colton- very interesting and funny story could read again and again 


Read " when like minds collide" and " the taming of Victoria Colton" .. loved them . Amazing books.. u r a very talented writer... About to read the next one :)