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I haven't updated in a long while, and barely have time to write because college, and all my stories are forever old so don't kill me. But you should check some of them out anyways. Just for fun. Or do what you want.

I love Ellen Hopkins, John Green, Rick Riordan, and other such authors.

»@red-bloodedPaige Paige is a great writer and one of the first people I met on here.

»@EraYousuf Fantastic at writing and giving advice and photographing.

I know I'm terrible for not editing and writing like I've been meaning to, and I've kind of been putting it off, but really life just keeps getting in the way. I'm working on getting myself to start writing again, although I probably won't ever be able to promise steady updates. I'm not sure whether I'm continuing any of the stories I have up at the moment, but hopefully I will and if not I won't remove them so that you can continue to enjoy them. And who knows, maybe tons of nagging will find me more inspiration to work with them again. Thanks, lovelies!
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Ashez55 Ashez55 Apr 03, 2016 07:02PM
Loving the idea of Grace Helbig's "Freak Week," so writing those chapters will be my writing prompts so I can hopefully get back into the swing of things here on Wattpad. It's been a long time!
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Ready For A Rescue? (Freak Week Chapter 3)

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Description: My Chapter 3 submission for Grace Helbig's story "Freak Week." In this futuristic novella, Lace Heavensmall is trapped at her high school during Freak Week, a global warming side effect that makes w...

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Freak Week (Chapter 2)

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