Well, I love to write and have been since I was little. Back then, my stories were short and sweet, nothing complex; the usual damsiel in distress and the handsome prince to come and rescue her. My writing grew stronger when I moved across the state to my current home. I began to write poetry and had a knack for drawing and music. My writing became more mature when I was 10 and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It really did a number on me, but I will admit, it made me grow stronger as a person and as a writer. I got into photography and acting shortly afterwards and now, as I head into highschool, I am finding how important art is to me. It's definantly something I want to persue.
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AshTree12 AshTree12 Apr 02, 2012 07:50PM
Thanks!!! I got a couple of new ideas so... yeah:) Oh! I love your profile picture;)
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The Parting Glass

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Description: Felix, a college student who's had what he considers a curse all his life, recounts what he believed to have been his last day alive because of a dream he had the night before.

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