I'm... me
Slightly ccccrazy and more than a little goofy
I listen to all types of music (from screamo to classical)
I read more than i write unfortunately but hopefully i'll get back into it soon
I have a few best friends that i'd do anything and a fascination with the goth look
:P :) :D <3
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    The not so sunny at the moment...Australia :D
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    Apr 05, 2010 03:38PM
Ash-A-Lee Ash-A-Lee Oct 07, 2012 01:20PM
@CleoBeckw :) i do, they're great, strange to have some-one with so many fan actually write on your wall, usually they ignore it :P
            Can't wait for more of you stories, you're an amzing writer :D
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Bite the Stake

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Description: Jesse is a 15 year old girl who lives with her big brother, Nathan, 19, after her mother and father had a fight 8 years ago. Her mother packed her stuff and took all the money in the house before left leaving...


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Take A Chill Pill

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