hi guys,
          	i wouldn't ask this of you if it wasn't completely necessary, but i really need your help. 
          	on my new teen fic account, i've got a story called "kings and crowns." another user on this site says they came up with the idea for their story  "scott" long before they knew about mine, however, how can that be true if their story is practically the same as mine? the way they introduce the characters and even the description, is the same. 
          	i've talked to the user, but they refuse to take it down. 
          	if you could all go and message them to take it down, it would really mean a lot to me. this isn't a nice thing to do, i'm aware, but after speaking with them through PM and realizing it isn't going anywhere, i need your help.
          	thank you so much for your help. 
          	this is the link to the story:


Hi i tried to comment on it, but he deleted my comment, i tried to report the story but wattpad said, the owner of the original story, which is you, is the only one who is allowed to report it. did you report it? :)


          i was going through a follow clean up (since i'm not updating - lol - it's the only i can really do) and your account came up
          just wanted to leave a message letting you know what a wonderful writer you are and it's so cool that you're my namesake :P (kind of the reason i initially followed you) 
          that and the humsafar inspired book - which i really loved btw
          hope uni is treating you well


Just wondering, but do you still have "the summer of harry" or did you get rid of it all together? (i mean not just on wattpad but anywhere?)


I'm never going to delete 'Darling This is Paris' in my's really good!! I've read it for the hundredth time now,and I can read it a thousand more! I LOVE IT!!
           and Your a great author ♥


I downloaded this app after three years with the sole purpose of reading The Summer of Harry, and you took it down. You've ruined me


Just found your account and im adding your stories in my reading list because i think your stories are cool! VERYYYYY..