Hello to all Loved One's, now reading this, 

This is an account shared by Bethany-Jane and LouisZaar :)

Our name may say Artemis & Athena, thats only because we love greek god's and goddesses, okay reading that back now makes us sound really sad, but what can you do?

So yeah, we both love reading but I think thats an understatement. We love writing as well so this means prepare for the stories to come ahhh!! We also love Harry Potter but who doesn't?

Oh and if you are wondering which one is which with the name then Artemis is Beth and Athena is Emie. Yup I think that's about it, this means that I don't know what else to write :S

Please fan, vote and comment!

Love from Athena and Artemis (a.k.a Beth & Em)

P.S we love disney films :) Like right now we're watching lady and the tramp, but we would prefer if you didn't make a comment on how two 15 year old's still like little kid movies :)

Plus if you would like to sing 'Little mermaid, kiss the girl' with us, go ahead ;)

Thanks :) We love you all <3
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@Emmiie Thank you for the Welcoming :) 
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