I'm no one important so why create an about section when no one cares?
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@sweet_cara I'm good! How are you?
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Saving Grace

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Description: A blog kept by a teenage girl details her life as she struggles with mental illness and graduating high school. After she has a mental break down, she makes a deal with herself; if life still sucks after six m...


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The Huntress

The Huntress

8.5K 503 72

That dark parts in one’s mind, the part that hosts all of those nightmares is the part He longs to contr...

Letters From a Schizoid

Letters From a Schizoid

136 18 1

Alex has been put into a mental hospital. Read her letters that she sends to her friend Jay.

Salem Reborn

Salem Reborn

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Welcome to a small town Salem. That's right. Home of the witch trials that took place from the 1600's-17...

Changing Time

Changing Time

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In the future, there are clocks. Not normal clocks, but clocks that tell you when major events occur. Su...

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