Actual trash for BOKUAKA, Kuroken, Kegehina, and Daisuga. Like Hardcore trash. Specifically Bokuaka, but my preference changes with the day. 

I enjoy reading fanfiction and gladly write one if I have a good prompt and motivation.

Majority of my work will be Haikyuu fan fiction or all of it. If the title has a ship name in it, that ship will be the main part and focus, but other ships will almost always be included.

I'm basically a mess.

Also I'm still figuring out Wattpad. I'm bound to make a toooon of mistakes, so please stay with me. Even after I've figured it out, I'll still mess up.

Comments make me happier than anything else tbh, even seeing that someone actually read or even viewed it literally makes me so happy.

So! I'm sorry but sometimes I want to push a story a bit forward, so sometimes I'll write three parts in a few days, also depending on my schedule. I know that it is hard to follow, but stay with me and I'll definitely finish all my books I start with good motivation.

If you have any recommendations or anything just let me know! Want a zombie story? A certain ship? I'll definitely be happy to write a story, so let me know. Just message me, I love to talk and read comments.

For the most part, I write for myself. But I write on here so people can read my work, so if people tend to not want or like my writing, I won't publish as often if at all. It's not that I'm doing it for attention, but I really just feel appreciated when I get even one comment, so please?

I feel like I'm being needy and ya I am sorry

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