HELLO MY LOVLIES! Just wanna let you know that I'm writing a new story called THE SCARS OF US. Hope you like it! the first couple chapters are already published! Hope you guys like it! XX


So hey I want to read "Zeus" and I read on the description that it has another part I think? But I can't find it, did u erase it or change the name ?? 


I finished your series xander Solomon noah zeuss in juat a few days and i loved it so much the words can not describe what i felt i hope you write more books like this waiting for Xavier story


I have read Xander, Noah, and Solomon I am getting ready to read Zeus and just wanted to let you know that this series is amazing do far. I would buy these in physical form to read over and over. You are s true storyteller and the way you write makes me sit on the edge of my seat the whole time...true nail bitters! Thank you for sharing with us!


          	I was just wondering if you have certain days you update The Scars of Us? And I just wanted to let you know you are an amazing author. I love all of your books. Your storylines are incredible. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!


Hey aroha
          I loved all your books 
          I completed them all in 3 days,they just made me stop everything and read it
          I love them 
          Each and every one of them have a beautiful story and I loved each one of them
          They made me cry and laugh too
          Damn it's been too long since I have read so beautiful books
          I would really love to know if you are thinking of writing a new one regarding the story that you mentioned in the end of ZEUS or about any his brothers !!
          Lots of love❤️


Hola aroha
          I'm a big fan of your work. Although I just started reading Noah : forbidden beast but I'm in love with that book already. 
          Keep on with the good work. 


I just got the notification that you have updated scare of us but chapter 7 is not showing 


@Aroha_xox where you get the inspiration for writing stories like Zeus and Xander that book made me feel like you were playing with our feelings  This  book  is still in my reading list I don’t want to remove it  


That’s ok


Sorry I published it by accident lol