So it looks like wattpad deleted "The Hybrid Companion" for no apparent reason. Not overly bothered about that, because ya'll can just go read the updated version over on AO3 (where all 12 of my stories are published). Seriously guys, just go follow me there and leave this shitty website behind. :P
          	The Companion:


Thank you so much ❣❣❣


Probably won't be re-uploading it here any time soon, mostly because I don't know who reported the story in the first place so there's a chance it might happen again. AO3's formatting is way better anyway. I'll keep this account active to update my existing stories, but all of my new fics will be over on AO3. xxx


@Arobeebee are you going to re-upload it here?


hello! i‘m searching for a story on ao3 right now that i read a while back. 
          i don‘t know the name anymore but it was taekook, tae being a dom/top and jungkook was some kind of devil/incubus, he had a tail i think. 
          its practically just an smut au or multiple oneshots combined. (it might just be german but i think it was in english)
          to everyone who took the time to read this, thank you! i hope somebody can help me, have a beautiful day or night everyone!


Hey, just wanted to know that when will you publish the second Book/More Chapters of "IMJCBTBY" Author-Nim?
          I'm a sucker for that book and honestly, I would love to read more chapters of 


Hi there !
          I've read your imjcbtby book, and damnn gurlll.. I am still busy with my second chapter of my fanfic, and it's literally nothing compared to your work ! Also I wondered, are you going to post 'Book 2' on that other website, and if so, would you mind telling me what ur called on it ? I'm looking forward to read more of your works ♡!
          Stay safe during these corona days !
          Warm greets ♡


Dumb question.... I'm trying to read your stories on AO3. Do I need to make an account then read? It send it'll send me an invitation tomorrow? I've never used it before and I'm having trouble figuring it out.


            No, you only need an account if you want to post stories/create a library of bookmarked fics. You can read and comment on stories without an account (I have anonymous comments swtiched on, not all people do though). If you follow the link to my AO3 account you can start reading straight away.