- How ya doin'?

• Marvelously Horrible (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

- Well, uh, how was your day...?

• it all started out....

- ...?

• as shi-


• -3- Fine.

- GoOd.

• Under her breathe, Armi mutters, "Hypocrite..."

- Did you say something.

• NO- I said I need to get fit! Hahaha.....

- ಠ_ಠ

• .............

- ಠ__________ಠ

• .................................... BYE-


[ Please excuse us while our Narrator strangles- I mean handles Armi. ]

What might Armi Stand for?


[Alfa is a



[ It's cold. The heck is up with my weather. - Armi, 2k17]

[ Sleepy = Me. - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Why write fanfiction when you can read it?! Oh, wait- I want to be a writer...meh. - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ I'm annoying, and I know it. (P.S: Say it in a Im sexy and I know it voice-) -Armi, 2k17 ]

[WhY dO i LiVe?! -Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Do not read my mind. You will be tainted with curses. - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Language? Did you forget your English or something? - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Are you a freezer because your pretty chill~! - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Stop these jokes. - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Can someone pop his/her bubble? - Armi, 2k17 ]

[People are like food.
You're satisfied when they're gone. (Doesn't really make sense but enough sense for me to understand it!) - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Spin, twirl, dance in circles, do a 360, get dizzy, and fall face flat, please... - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Are you a heater because you are hAwT- I'll stop right there.....for now at least! - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Are you plushie, because you're really fluffy! - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Are you lotion, because you make me soft~! - Armi, 2k17 ]

[ Was I talking to you? No, I wasn't talking at all actually. - Armi, 2k17 ]

{ All quotes were made on the day of November 4, 2017 }

[ If I get a glow up, will you show up? - Armi, November 15, 2k17 ]
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