My name is Argenis(Ar-hen-is) i am a poet and a writer. i write a lot but my grammar is not that good. 

i write very well but i don't know when to put the commas and other things. i am from New York city born and

raised soon to be known as a writer i will write about anything and would write about my life stories.

I have so much to write to about just take a look at my stories i could write for days and not get bored.

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Mighty Morphin Pop Star Rangers

Social data: 1.6K reads. 47 votes. 8 comments.

Description: After 10,000 years of the evil witch Madonna being imprisoned in a space dumpster she has been set free, a powerful wizard know as Britney Spears sought out to find five pop stars with attitude. She recruited...


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I'm So Bored

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Boredom is a big issue within ourselves so this poem is about why we are boredom every single time :)

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