I'm not the best at writing stories but I try.  My friends and mom encouraged me to put my story(s) on this website so I did.  Hope you guys like it and I would LOVE if you commented on the chapters and voted!!! Thanks and I love you all!!!!

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Aqua69 Aqua69 Dec 23, 2013 03:03AM
Can someone help with a cover situation??
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Only He Can Give Me Hope... (Sequel to NSIE)

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Description: Death is every where Piper turns. So when she learns that her number one enemy CANNOT and WILL NOT die, she doesn't know what to do. This puts her, her new found love, and friends in even more danger than th...


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Never Shall I Ever...Or Will I??

Never Shall I Ever...Or Will I??

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Is there such thing as true love for the daughter of the King of Evil and the Queen of All Good?? Espec...

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