this message may be offensive
If you have a problem with the way I do things, with the way I'm trying to cope with my shitty fucking life that I'd much rather just leave forever, with the way I did things YEARS ago and have yet to have the time to fix, then stop reading my content. Stop bothering me. I'm trying to survive, I'm only human. I'm suffering enough outside of being bombarded online. 
          	If you have a problem, just don't. Just stop reading. Delete my stories. I'm just now opening myself to start writing again, please don't stomp on the small amount of life I'm trying to cling to. 


@Apocalyptice I saw my notifications and it said you wrote on my message board (or something like that) and I thought I did something wrong. I'm sorry to hear that people are giving you a hard time. you can always message me if you need someone to talk to 


@Apocalyptice just dont listen to them they are either jealous that you can cope that way or they are trying to make you feel bad so they can feel better about themselves. I mean im pretty sure that people get mad at me for zoning out (i have ADD and have problems with my attention span and focusing so they cant really tell me i annoy then because of something i cant control) but sometimes i zone out of purpose so i can make up a world where this world doesnt exist and where i feel loved. Maybe im in harry potter or maybe i play matchmaker and get a ship together in eddsworld and they are grateful for that. Everyones different and has a different way of helping themselves. Making a fantasy world that i have friends i feel comfortable around and that i could be myself around are always something i make up. It always goes with how i feel ex. I have a bad relationship eith my dad and i dont feel like i can be myself around my family makes me unable to even make a loving family in my mind. Like i said everyone copes differently and sorry this kinda turned into a vent (lmao-) but your coping mechanism is to write and frankly i love your writing so dont listen to them. And i agree with @Avidbiscuit stay strong (i also wrote a poem about anxiety and depression if you want me to send it and dont worry it gets kinda motivational at the end the title is "You are Strong")


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          Stay safe!


okay can i just say i read something you wrote a long time ago and it was literally amazing and i cant wait to see how much you’re grown 


Hi Mia! Just saw your stories names and started to read wait your gay too, it's really good and omgosh your profile info is so relaterble!!!!! Pan too love you :3 


Hey Mia. I just came across your story "Wait. You're Gay Too?" and I really can't to start reading it because I think it has a wonderful description! I think we are alike in some ways. Feel free to message me if you want to talk? Because I'd love to.