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Messing with a yandere isn't the brightest idea to do... I'm the dominant one 😶

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♪♥️💙♪Touch him or even break his heart, and I'll be the next one to make sure you don't go to sleep, because if you do~ *whispers sadistically* you won't wake up~♪ ♥️💜♪

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((You can call me Sheepie, if you want.))

🌹My writing can't keep up with the ideas swarming around in my head.🌹

I am a huge fan of Steven Universe and Miraculous: The Adventures of Lady Bug and Cat Noir and many other things. Especially a certain creepypasta I won't name ♥️.

"There cannot be light... Without darkness..."

"I take peace in the silence..."

"I can't remember where I am... Can you help me?"

I'm very forgetful so. 😅😂 Don't mind it.

Feel free to follow, comment, vote (star), etc. I won't bite -or at least try not to~ 🐑💕
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