What's up my fellow sentient trashcans!

Slightly (read: extremely) crazy fan girl Nika (pen name, pronounced nee-kuh)

Stuff I love
Lunar chronicles
Percy Jackson
Kane Chronicles
Heroes of Olympus
Magnus Chase
Trials of Apollo
Harry Potter
Gravity Falls
Supernatural (recently, no one better spoil anything or you'll wake up on the ceiling)
And a crapload more that would take 90 years to list.

Come read my train wrecks and enjoy them!!

Updates slower than a year on pluto. This is your warning.

Daughter of Demeter and proud Ravenclaw

To the beautiful potatoes that read my failstorm 9000s:
Thank u for existing

Living with Asperger's Syndrome and loving who I am for the first time

95% of girls would scream and cry if Justin Bieber fell off a cliff. If you are part of the 5% who would yell "DO A FLIP!" then good for you. Join me and rid the world of his existence.

I need sleep. And a social life. And a whole lotta oreos. Guess which one I chose.
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Stories by That One Aspie Chick
Born of Winter's First Breath by Annikitkat156
Born of Winter's First Breath
Up until her death, Celeste Everhart thought she was normal. Then, when an unnatural storm and an old friend...
my randomness book by Annikitkat156
my randomness book
*movie trailer voice* One girl... Many taggers... Coming to a wattpad account near you... (also that's mah ki...