Hello people of Wattpad! Let's see... some awesome facts about me are:

I love Doritos, they're my addiction

I want a blue Doberman

I read and write nonstop, my imagination is constantly on overdrive

I hate my hair

I have 2 siblings, I'm the youngest

I'm tall for my age

I live in the U. S. A.

Purple is one of my fav colors

I can't stand it when something is supposed to be capitalized isn't

Wattpad is amazing to me

This is kinda weird now....

I'm surprised your still reading this

Gets kinda boring, don't it?

I'm from the South

Now I feel selfish, stealing the spotlight

Wait, you're still reading?!


I wish I was something other than German, like Italian etc.

Silly Bands are silly

I'm bored now

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Annernanner Annernanner Jul 18, 2012 03:45PM
Hey guys.... I've got a question. Should I continue A Rare Gem?
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