Harry’s new album >>> it’s so good


Just yesterday I read your book The Siren in one sitting it took me 6 hours cuz it was so good!!!! And I thought I'll read more of your books but when I came to check why don't you published more books  please do it I'm waiting..... pleasssss


I really loved your the mad Hatter books it's been years and I still can't stop thinking about it. I've been wondering why it got deleted i really wanna re-read it again


@sxmxozzi OH MY GOSH! I was wondering why l couldn't access it even though l can still see it. It just says *there seems to be a problem connecting with wattpad* everytime l press onto the story. I finally looked closer at the cover of the book and saw that author's profile name and searched it only to find this bad news :'[



Plzzz post more F.F! I love the way u write....and your stories are also u soo much