Haven't been on here in nearly 4 months ! Jeeze Louise!


Just go in settings when u click on ur story and it shows all the parts just click on the setting thing and swipe the thing that says mature content 


I absolutely loove your poems! They are full of meaning and emotions and simply beautiful. 
          It'a pity that you can't fan a person twice (or more)... Please, keep on writing- I'd love to read more of your poems! :)


Hey Fans had to tell you, tomorrow it's going to be one year with writing and I <3 Call me crazy, but this right here is love. Ha ... I'm crazy.


Hey i know you voted( dont ask me how i know) and your right, i write to express not to impress, but it feels good to know your work is appreciated. So, thank you :)


Hey, thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my poems! I really appreciate it. =) 


Hiya! (: So I read some of your poems and they were wonderful :) I was wondering if you would read my story Keepers of Time if you had the time? I would very much appreciate it! :D