Hello I'm Anita and I love Wattpad its a great place to read and write :) 
Let's see I love to read and write obviously.. I have a Alien book I'm working on now. However, I have a comedy book in the making... I noticed I loved writing comedy more than anything else. So I'm going to give it a shot.

About me:
I'm a Mom
I"m a grandmother
I have a teenage son who raps
I have two vampire Ebooks on sale Amazon
I'm married
I have a sweet fat wiener dog named Oscar

Making new friends
warm thick blankets (yes even in summer with air conditioner blasting)
snuggling watching Netflix with my honey
Comedy (I love to laugh)

Led Zeppelin Kashmir
Lady Gaga Poker face, Born this way,
Black Eyed Peas, I Gotta Feeling
That's is just a few I love Lots of different music and artist :)

Twilight (Team Edward)
50 shades of grey, or I like to call it 50 shades of yeah!
Hunger Games
Harry Potter series

TV Shows
Big Bang Theory Sheldon cracks me up.
Breaking Bad Loved it.
How I Met Your Mother.
Doctor Who
American Horror Story

Crazy fanatics
Mean people
Natural disasters
Cruelty to animals or humans
Every mean, cruel, nasty, awful, destructive force in this world whether natural or invented by people.
Beets (those are yucky!)
Paying bills

I hope to make a lot of friends and read what you Wonderful Wattpad writers write. I want to enjoy myself and have fun !
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AnitaLarrison AnitaLarrison Mar 04, 2015 10:35PM
Hey if you like the Big Bang Theory sit com, try out my fan fiction tribute to the show. If your tired of waiting for Sheldon to make his move on Amy. Wait no more!
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