Hello! My little starlets
I would like to introduce you to
My oh so lovely account and this accounts owner loves yaoi and yuri so be prepared for a lot of that. Now how about you starlets learn a bit more about me

~Information about me~
-Name: Call me Hoshi, StarDust
-Age: In my young teenager years
-Hair/Eye color: Brown/Brown
-Fav food: Pocky, Cheeto's and, Fruit salad

-Anime: Fairy tail, Naruto, Diabolik lovers, Assassination classroom, Tokyo ghoul, Hitorijime my hero, Owari no seraph,Servamp,Doukyuusei ,
Attack on titan and more

-Zodiac sign: Taurus

-What i like to do: Read, watch anime, sleep, listening to music, writing, eating food, and trying to make little animations.

-Personality: i am anti-social, i love books and if ya wanna be my friend message me (Which ya probably don't) but if ya do go right ahead!

~Thank you for reading this description of me-bye bye have a good day/night~
-Hoshi/Star_dust out-
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