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I'm an author of my dreams, living in a idealistic reality. And that's how my books are born. However, I haven't met myself entirely just yet and I'm still searching through my forest.

Creativity begins with you, Originality IS you.

Love art, love thyself, and love whomever. Ohana means family, and family means no one is left behind.
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Broken, Flawed & Living

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Description: Young love could've destroyed his outlook on life and relationships but his mother always had the best advice and his father looked after him - he was Daddy's little man and still is. Thomas Hayne, now a freshman in College, pursuing an interest in...


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Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

Being With A Jock (BoyxBoy)

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Important Note: This is an old version. A new version to fit my series, Final Reckoning will be uploaded...

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One bad day... one bad day is how it starts. When the fever kicks in, the rage, the sense of helplessnes...

An Idealistic Reality

An Idealistic Reality

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Okay, so here's the deal with this book. This book is actually just a personal journal for yours truly...

Complexity of a Stilinski

Complexity of a Stilinski

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A father's acrimony, a best friend's act, an Alpha's oblivious mind, and a personal interest of two men...

Chapter Twenty-Three is probably going to up late today or tomorrow. Just so you all know, and just so I'm being consistent on updating you guys on some new things. And still, I'm going to say this again. Broken, Flawed and Living is a part of a larger story. Part of the Wonderland Multiverse I've been creating since high school - though, back then, it wasn't as complex and deep and certainly wasn't even called a multiverse at all.
      Yep, that Journal Thomas reads becomes important, if anyone hadn't picked up on it yet.
Hey, guys, how are you all doing? Anyways, back to business! I just want you guys to understand Broken, Flawed and Living is part of a much more complex and deeper world - at least, as complex and deep as I can get it. I've already paved way for the future after the book and the clues are there. The sequel, which has been planned for Broken, Flawed and Living, will not be posted once the book is done. Because it's part of a series called Wonderland, three other books have to be completed before the sequel comes out.
      Why is that? Because the sequel to Broken, Flawed and Living is also a sequel to three other books I'll be posting once I'm done that book. Follow me on Tumblr if you like as I will be explaining it more in detail. But my tumblr is also about other things in my life and such. I just have to get on being consistent and stuff.
      But just so you guys know.
Finally Chapter Twenty-Two is up, but it's a long ass chapter. Never intended it to be as such but it is. But it also pissed me off writing it. It's getting hard writing these next chapters - and that may be due to my lack of energy lately for different reasons. But I'm going to finish this book and finally get to edit it over and fix things as needed.
      But enjoy Chapter Twenty-Two of Broken, Flawed and Living! :D
Chapter Twenty-One is up and running! And, might I add, I am having difficulties ending this book. I mean, it was already planned out but like writing the chapters gets hard with each new one. The beginning was hard but went easy and since I got to the middle, nearing the end kind of, it's getting harder and harder and a few things were changed from what was planned.
      But, even as it may get a bit confusing, I'm trying my best to write these next chapters to fit the story-line and finish the book so I can go over and edit the whole damn thing finally and make it better. After all, this is just a draft version and it's the first version. So enjoy this latest chapter! :D
      Can't wait till I complete it and can go over it. And hopefully get published with it.