Hi I'm a bad ass teen and Also a doorbell because I like to make new friends I'm a friendly but shy person but I'm also sometimes I'm a fearless bitch with the confidence to tell off all the ass holes that want to mess with me and brake their spirit and mess up their social life and I'm also loud and funny (as they say)when I'm with my best friends and mostly my big sister! and never will be a hater or back stabbing other people(only if they are not evil). Oh and BTW I'm a bit of a moody person like biopolar / I think that's the word for it and I'm rebellious  sometimes I exploded a car twice and got my sweet revenge on all my enemies.
Anyway I love listening to music I play the piano and guitar and I love drawing, watching movies, WWE,sports,cartoons and anime, loves animals,manga and almost reading anything my mom buy me! I love playing any kind of sports I'm a sporty/boyish kind of girl so...yeah. Most of the time I also watch PewDiePie, and practice fighting, self defense and I'm so focused on that But also I constantly daydream I guess you can call me " A daydreamer". BTW I'm also a childish person! ^_^I'm sometimes a loner at school cause everyone else thinks I'm just not *approachable* some thinks I'm a weirdo or something but to me I just don't care. I'm not what people think on the outside I look like I would kill you but in the inside I'm just a big softie and will be loyal to you till the end! And BTW I'm not big I'm short actually lol only if I look at a person I look like a bitch or not in the mood and in school they know I could fight so they don't mess with me but I have three friends at least and my sister and cousin.
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@GrimmKenway8646  and dude do you like pews?! 
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