I have no idea how on earth did you find me but YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for putting The Bad Nerd Boy into your reading list♡ I hope you’ll have amazing day cos you just made mine!! It’s my baby and I really appreciate your support cos I know how it feels like to have none ♡   P.s. have fun finding clues and solving the mystery! ♡ 


Hello kitty buddy!! 
          I loved cats too but then they killed my rabbit and now i hate them!! But oh..they are still sooo cute!! And i still have some place left for them in my heart.. :)  
          Idk why i wrote this but it made me feel good... :) :)) :)))


          Thanks for following me :))
          You made me sooooooo happy {cue the creepy corny voice}
          Anyway, feel free to stalk my profile and check my books out.
          I'll do the same for yours
          We're friends now... Righttt?
          It's okay if you don't think so. X)

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