Okay,lemme start this "autobiography" stuff. I dont know if people are interested in theese but i dont care... I need this!

Okay that was rude. Okay lemme fix myself -cough- -cracking sounds- okay. Basically my life is not as fun as onedirection. My life is not a roller coaster my life is just a simple "kiddy ride" if you say so. My life might have flaws but k love it. I love everything about it, even tough it has flaws i still love it.

Why am i blabbing too much? And why am i boring? Uh-oh... Sorry if you are bored but if you want to know more about me you might wanna read all of this

Now.... Let me introduce myself PROPERLY!

Names nicole,i was born at the philippines! Yes,the place where j-lo recently went to,i have a lot of animaly in my house right now including:fish,dogs,cats,guinea pigs,rats,cockroaches,lizards,kittens,spider and heck a lot more!,i hate olives! O god..,i am scared of ROUNDED BRUSHES! Yes you read it right! ROUNDED BRUSHES! Call me wiered i dont care...,i love my family (too dramatic),i am sarcastic (note-the irony),i am boring as you can see,i am friendly if you are,i sing,i write books and im an honor student!

Thats too much blabbing but... Its okay FOR ME but i know you are bored right now... Im sorry!

Did you read all of it? :))) if you did i salute you! Thank you for giving ,e time to introduce my self to you :))

Now,if you still have tons of time, you can read my books :)

-HOTEL 101

YeahpM and you can fan too :)) thank you so much!

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    Aug 03, 2012 09:11AM
AngelaNicoleDarlucio AngelaNicoleDarlucio Nov 17, 2012 04:24AM
Maybe ill die?come on... Playing amnesia, not good!
            Thanks agian for the reads! Woot!
            Love much,nicxxx
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