Hello All!
          	Yes I have risen from the grave fellow earthlings! All that write vigorously for me to update SPV there you go! A lot of you were lost so... Check the new update out! It's explains everything! Hope you all enjoy! Thanks for still being here! Even when all seemed lost! Thanks I appreciate it all! Love ya all! 


@Angel_007 the series is dead, abondon. I wouldn't expect updates anymore. it's been almost 2 year and from my experiance any fanfic/non-profit story without an update in 2+ years , never update again and the author doesn't answer any comment/question. 
          	  A shame it was a good read too.


@Angel_007 I love your works and because of you I had the courage to write my own stories. Thank you.


@Angel_007 I'm gonna cry  you have no idea how much this means to me. I love this story soooo much.


People she has come back to her book at some point. I swear it! I know this book at the back of my hand and there are new segments she added. She's alive! Thank God. I was so worried!


@Oretawa14 it ended by the last chapter of book one. I think we all should just give her time...


I’d appreciate it if you checked out my mafia romance book <3 
          I had never expected any of this to happen to me.
          I had never expected to be kidnapped.
          I had never expected to meet someone like him.
          I had never expected to be put in this type of danger.
          I had never expected to fit in with this life style so well.
          And mostly I had never expected to fall for him. Maybe I never should've.
          ... There really is a thin line between lust and hate...


Sorry for plugging Po
          Hi guys! Sorry for the unrealated comment but i just want to promote my story it's all about love on rpw i hope you'll enjoy reading this,thank you in advance and have a nice day:)) 
          Title: Upon the sunset 
          Genre: teen fiction/romcom
          Status: ongoing 
          Story description: Gaia Allegre is an BSEd-English student who is cage by her parents words. She always follow the rules even if it's already crossing the line of her privacy. Until she meet Neo Rhyz from rpw 'role playing world'. A BRP(boy rpier) who will change her life in an instant and will slowly steal her heart.
          Does internet love truly exist in fake world? Or it will only break her heart into a million pieces.


The author said she was going to update her story in the summer of 2018. Yet there has been no update/announcement and I am starting to get worried. I hope she is fine. 


Hi author! I love your story "Slave for a pureblood vampire". You haven't updated for such a long time. Are you okay?