Hi..the names Angelica...feel free to call me jelly...I have four account on wattpad. You may follow all of them...but mainly I'm on here so yea. 

Second acc: Vanill23 (lmao...randomly popped in my head.) (Anei23)
Third acc: hoodieismybae (AngelJ)
Fourth acc: ????

Birthdays on August 23 2000 (haha)

R.I.P COTTONTAIL! And R.I.P KOOKIE! yes her name is like kookie from BTS. Spread the loaf! Spread the love

Follow and imma follow you ppl back maybe haha

Facts about lazy head!! 😂😂 (who calls them self lazy? Some aren't facts so don't judge me!)
1. I say 1 2 3 a lot...example! 1. Hi! 2. Uhh...random much?? 3. It goes on and on...not just 123...shhh
2. Anime/Kpop/Cartoon Lover. Any of them! You name it!! The cartoons are mainly stuff like Steven universe and gravity falls (do not judge me...! Even thou no one gives a damn about me).. I also love some horror! (I still get scared ahaha lol but not as much anymore lmao)
3. I'm a random person and I can be really childish at times. (Yes...I don't really act my age...sometimes I do sometimes I don't)
4. Hate liars, hate fakers.
5. I hate when people ignore me for no reason
Yea thts all...there's more but nah...

Social media stuff...

Instagram: angel_jelly_5 (I'll follow back if I notice you 💓💓🤣😨)
jelly_the_wimp (second acc, feel free to follow tht. And yes I'll follow back on this acc as well)
angel_jelly_ran (my Roleplay account)

Tv shows/cartoons/Korean or Japanese or Chinese drama
Shadow Hunters
Voltron (2017-2018) ⬅️ maybe 2017 as well??
Why Secretary Kim
Meteor Garden (2018) (The whole F4 gang 💛🧡😂)
Wok Of Love
Steven Universe
Free Rein (Pin and Marcus 💛💛😂)
The rest unlisted

Favorite Actors or band members
Dylan Wang
Darren Chen
Lee Tae Hwan
See Kang Joo
Shen Yue
Kim Taehyung
Jeon Jungkook
Joshua Hong (Hong Jisoo)
Kim Se Jeong
Kim So Hyun
Hu Yi Tian
Caesar Wu
The rest unlisted

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