Believer. Writer. Traveler. 

That's how I describe myself; it all overlaps.

If you like adventure in the real and imagined world,
If you have a sense that there's more to what we see than what we see,
If you can't ignore that there's ugliness in the world but are still astonished by its beauty...

... then we have a lot in common. And I think you'll enjoy my writing.

My tastes can't be labelled. I read and write across genres. And I write in multiple forms (short story, stage plays, films, novels, poetry, essays).

I'm just trying to write a good story, or line, or idea. And I want those who read to be challenged, shocked, touched, blessed.

Sometimes I get hired by others to write. Mostly I write the stories that come from impressions or ideas I can't shake.

I'm going to start my Wattpad writing adventure by making the first book in my YA Novel series available. I plan to post each FRIDAY, starting on August 25, 2016 and see what happens.

As I post, I'll refine the much loved story over the next 23 weeks. I hope you'll drop a note and read some of my words as I make my foray onto this platform!

Here we go...
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