Here are some books that I highly recommend you should read! They are (in my opinion) are amazing stories by amazing people!!

The Lost Boys: written by Lillian Carmine
The Lost Boys on Tour: by Lillian Carmine
Daydreams: by HeatherPennington
The Choices we make: by HeatherPennington
Lone Wolf: by Conleyswife
Blue Ghost: by Rachel_goes_meowz
The Haunting Continues: by Rachel_goes_meowz
Never Let Go: by lily_rain
Never be the same again: by lily_rain
I'm Sorry, who's your mate: by raylor17
I'm Sorry, did you say mate?: by raylor17
Life's a Witch: By Brittthebookslayer
Fate Reloaded: By Brittthebookslayer
Survivors series: by AmandaHavard
The Moonstone Wolfpack: by Brodiexx
Losing the Moonstone Wolfpack: by Brodiexx
She's one of the Boys: by lily_rain
She's on the Hunt: by lily_rain
and those are just some to name a few! They all are amazing! You should check them out.
And as always...Don't forget to vote and comment to let these amazing authors know what you think of their work!!
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AndreannaLinares AndreannaLinares Nov 05, 2013 08:27PM
@rachel_goes_meowz  hey I'm glad u liked chapter 21. My writing is at a stand still at the moment cuz I ended up w a virus on my computer. So I'm waiting for that to get fixed. I'm goin nuts too cuz...
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Description: Ilona is a 21 year old woman who was forced into marriage by her father and the Alpha of their pack. Neither her nor her husband were in agreance to the marriage, and now her husband has turned out to be abusi...


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