Here are some books that I highly recommend you should read! They are (in my opinion) are amazing stories by amazing people!!

The Lost Boys: written by Lillian Carmine
The Lost Boys on Tour: by Lillian Carmine
Daydreams: by HeatherPennington
The Choices we make: by HeatherPennington
Lone Wolf: by Conleyswife
Blue Ghost: by Rachel_goes_meowz
The Haunting Continues: by Rachel_goes_meowz
Never Let Go: by lily_rain
Never be the same again: by lily_rain
I'm Sorry, who's your mate: by raylor17
I'm Sorry, did you say mate?: by raylor17
Life's a Witch: By Brittthebookslayer
Fate Reloaded: By Brittthebookslayer
Survivors series: by AmandaHavard
The Moonstone Wolfpack: by Brodiexx
Losing the Moonstone Wolfpack: by Brodiexx
She's one of the Boys: by lily_rain
She's on the Hunt: by lily_rain
and those are just some to name a few! They all are amazing! You should check them out.
And as always...Don't forget to vote and comment to let these amazing authors know what you think of their work!!
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AndreannaLinares AndreannaLinares Nov 05, 2013 08:27PM
@rachel_goes_meowz  hey I'm glad u liked chapter 21. My writing is at a stand still at the moment cuz I ended up w a virus on my computer. So I'm waiting for that to get fixed. I'm goin nuts too cuz...
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