Pantengin Twitter @grasindo_id sekarang ya ;)


Ka fhilll sumpah deehhh kangenn tauu  .. aku baca baca lagi ceritanya buat ngobatin kangen aku :p dan masih sama reaksinya ketika baca RED nyeseekkkk nya  huuhuu
          Muncul lagi dong kaaa ✌


Kakak!!! You never know me, but i know you hehe.... kak i'm one of those old fans dari jaman kakak nulis tentang Caik. Aku terakhir baca cerita kakak pas kelas 1 smp and then i never open your blog anymore. Like until i was in my first senior high school -which is two years ago- i suddenly missed Caik story and decided to visit your blog. But i found out that you already stop making Caik story and already published a story. I'm so sorry that i never buy RED because i've just known about it. Why i write this massage? Because I miss your story. I want you to comeback. It has been maybe 5 years since the last time i read your story. So please comeback. I want to read all your work kak. I'll be waiting for your story in here kak hehe.... fighting!!!