For some strange reason your ass is snoopin ma account might as well make your time worthwhile right?

Everyone needs a name to a face, so call me "Ana"

》05/25 It's ma big day!

》 WARNING: I have a mega dirty mind 👽

》 I listen to a wide range of music ( any recommendations will be HIGHLY appreciated )

》 Love all types of movies except the paranormal/horror type.

》 The only thing lower than my standards is my self esteem

》 Obsessed with asparagus and donkeys

》 Curse like a somali sailor 😇

》 Terrible comedian 😆

》 Short and closer to hell..join me 😈

》 Absolutely awkward

》 Terrible comedian, but you already got that

》 I always learn from mistakes of others who take my advice.

》 In love with Twilight and vampires in general

~~~~~ On a serious note... I'm just an average girl ( i think ) here on wattpad dreaming of a life I can't have. Escaping reality is my specialty. If you need a friend... hit me up. 😊❤
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