Hey there! 
My name's Amie, AJ, whatever you wanna call me. This account isn't really active anymore but I do get notifications whenever people follow/comment/vote and stuff and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, so follow/comment/vote away if you enjoy my stuff. <3

Also, I'm on Archive of Our Own under the same name (AmieJ9) and I'm pretty active over there.

Drop me a message here or on AO3! I don't bite and it'll probably make my day.
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Stories by AJ
Make You Love Me [Death Note] [Matt/Mello] by AmieJ9
Make You Love Me [Death Note] [Matt/Mello] Fanfiction
Matt would say he's a pretty friendly guy. So, when he's thrown into an orphanage with England's most intelligent, narcissistic kids, he has no problem making friends. Apart from his roommate, Mello, who just seems...
Randomness that pops in my head randomly :) by AmieJ9
Randomness that pops in my head randomly :) Random
Who's that person over there? They're waving at you. You see them? Yeah... That's me. Now I'm walking over to you. Say hi to me. Yeah, hi. So what now? You're stood there. I'm stood here. What shall we do? How abou...
I'm Really Just Asking To Leave by AmieJ9
I'm Really Just Asking To Leave Fanfiction
[Sequel to Cemetery Drive] 'You are cordially invited to the wedding of, Mikey James White and Lauren Annabelle Smith, R.S.V.P: 352 Greenwood Lane, or 07385728531' Well... this was gonna be awkward as fuck... It...
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