Hey! :D I'm Amethyst, but you can call me, Amethyst! :P Va, oui I did study Francais in Huit ans. and Oui, I did fail....

Bands I've seen and/or met:
Cassie Davis (Saw her!)
Tonight Alive (Seen them!)
Short Stack (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Heroes For Hire (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Hot Chelle Rae (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Boys Like Girls (Seen them!)
Amy Meredith (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Operator Please! (I've seen them)
Birds Of Tokyo (I've seen them)
The Never Ever (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Dash & Will (My best friend saw them)
Justin Bieber (My best friend saw him)
New Empire (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Good Charlotte (Seen them!)
The Swellers (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Go Radio (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Hellogoodbye (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
This Providence (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Yellowcard (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
All Time Low (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Panic! At the Disco (Seen them!)
Justice Crew (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Young Men Society (I'VE MET THEM!!!)
Stan Walker (I'VE MET HIM!!!)

I would die to meet: <3
-Ronan Keating
-Taylor Lautner
-Alex Pettyfer
-Joe Brooks
-John O'Callahgan
-Gaspard Ulliel
-Dwayne Johnson
-Brendon Urie (Could have met him, but my Friend wanted to watch Yellowcard play instead...)
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Embassassing/Funny Moments In My Life is #89 on Non-Fiction and #519 on Humour*
            WOOOOOO! <3
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Embarrassing/Funny Moments in my Life.

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Description: I decided to write down, some of the times in my life. I asked myself "Why me?"


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