I ♥ BOOKS!!!!
Reading has alwalys been easy and comforting for me.
I ♥ fantasy/romance books but will read almost anything ;D
I love scary stories but ironically they scare the absolute crap outta me ;P

I ♥ MUSIC!!!!!
I can't live without it ;D
Bands I ♥ are Blink-182, Paramore, Simple Plan, Panic! at the disco, Fall Out Boy, MCR and many other bands like them.

I love to sing and started playing piano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Playing music is my passion and dream
I wish to be a singer one day but who knows what will happen

I am really into manga/anime right now XD
So far I have watched/read Ao No Exorcist, Sailor Moon, Pokemon & Vampire Knight.
Right now I am watching Fairy Tail XD XD
Some of the other ones on my list are Death Note & Avatar The Last Airbender (I know its not a manga/anime but there is no where else to put it) XD
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AmazinglyAlice AmazinglyAlice Jan 23, 2013 08:12AM
How do I keep gaining fans like I'm soo inactive (i don't think that even begins to cover it) O_o
            @DodieWoefie123456789 you made me really happy cause my birthday was yesterday XD I don't know how t...
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