Hi I'm Sammi! I'm a 20 year old otaku who loves anime and lives in the kingdom of writing. I'm a huge fan of Yuri on Ice!, Yu-Gi-Oh (DM, GX, 5Ds and VRAINS) and a lot of other anime. 

Current books:

Jesse Anderson x Reader |ongoing|
Zero Kiryu x Reader |ongoing|

Other books:

Yusei Fudo x Reader |completed|
Jaden Yuki x Reader |completed|
Yugi Muto x Reader |completed|
Zane Truesdale x Reader |completed|
Crow Hogan x Reader |completed|
Jack Atlas x Reader |completed|
Bonds Beyond Time 2: Paradox Returns |completed|

Facts about me:

Birthday: December 3rd
Love Live! lover (mainly Dia and Eli)
Uta-no prince sama fangirl
Yu-Gi-Oh lover


If you would like to translate my story, ask me first. Don't do it without asking.

Note: please don't promote your own stories through your comments. It's rude and it's disrespectful to the author's work itself.

My info:
Twitter: CyberDia21
YouTube channel: Samin Khan
Instagram: sammi1996

I also want to say that everyone is beautiful in their own way and you shouldn't let anything negative make you sad. Always think positively and smile.

Copyright © AmazaynMissStylik 2012

Hi I am Sammi's co-author!

My name is Caitlin and I'm 15 years old. My wattpad account is DragonTamer2K2 and I love anime and creepypastas. that's about it so see Yahoo later fiery dragons.
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