@thefreakyguys Thank you so much for the kind comments. :D Really glad you enjoyed INk ^_^


Oh cool! It's you! I read Ink before and I love it. I still need to get around to reading Rain though. 


OMG, I'm reading Ink now, and let me tell you: It's nothing short of amazing! From page 1, I was captivated!


I was definitely devastated to find out that I bought the 2nd book to your series, Rain, before I even had the 1st book. :/ It seems like a really good story and I adore the covers! I never realized you were on Wattpad until now.


I just finished Ink and I am so obsessed with this series, you have no idea. I keep finding myself so drawn into the Japanese culture, and Katie and Tomohiro make me fangirl every time they're mentioned. I never want it to end. Books like these make me jealous lol.


Wait so you are literally Amanda Sun, like the legit AMANDA SUN?! I read your book Ink because my friend told me to, and it was AMAZING. Then I find a book titled Shadow under your name on here and I'm like, "So Amanda Sun had Wattpad?!" This is do cool >.< ( You can probably tell by my profile pic but I adore no I love anime too. My friend knows I love japan which is initially why I got
          Into your book ink) 


I had no idea that after finding the second book of your series in my local library, that I'd start reading it anyway and be so interested. Your books have literally lead me on the most emotional roller coaster that any book ever has. I hope you continue to write more books!


Hey Amanda Sun! I just wanted to say that I adored your books - and, of course, all the drawings inside them! I had a question (even though I'm not sure you'll answer this XD) - how did you get the chance to add drawings into your books? Most don't have them, so I was wondering if you had to put that as something extra through the publisher. Thank you anyway! :D