Hey friends! Don't miss out on Apryl Baker's Annual YA/NA Blogfest!  Several of us authors from Wattpad are going to be on there!  FREE reads and prizes!!!


Hai! Your works are so amazing. I think you know the most appropriate way to guide your pen to touch our hearts. Wish you all the best!


Hey Amanda  ... Love your works ...You are awesome  ... Much Love and Light to you ♡


Hey I love your books so much and I was wondering, where can I get the full version of holy and fallen ? Or is it not finished yet? Sorry I know you've probably gotten these questions millions of times. :/ 


I know you have probably been asked a million times, but I have to ask again  When are your next books due to be released? Round about? Sorry but I'm just really looking forward to them both!!  Love your books!


Just put Chapter Nine back on The Awakener!  Come May 12th the entire book will be back up permanently :)

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