This is here so if the Wattpad bastards take my account down, you have a way to contact me!
I am, or at least need to learn to be, a Bi Little/TBDL; Teen Baby Diaper Lover.

There's no such thing as Tough Love either! You either Love someone, in which case you Listen to THEIR side, or you Hate them, in which they'll eventually kill you, or find someone who will!

I love certain, Ridiculously undervalued, Franchises: (And some overvalued ones)

Swat Kats the Radical Squadron
Double Dragon cartoon
Samurai Pizza Cats
Excitebike 64 for Nintendo 64
Sailor Moon - 90s Dic/Cloverway Dubs
Yu-Gi-Oh - DM, GX, 5Ds, and Zexal
Legend of Zelda
Bloody Roar (Especially game 3)
Shadow the Hedgehog

My Wattpad Family:

Mommies: @Brittany2642, @The_Shark_Kirishima, @slenderwomanhunter14, @Ravage4, @DWfangirl16, @CyberWolf777, @MatildaProduction, @KaguyaTheDemonNeko

Daddies: @Shorty890, @MArvinDocHawk27

Aunties: @_April_Oneil_, @SailorMoon106, @KittyMoonGacha, @Yurionice2001, @ArtisticRolePlayer, @SailorRose19, @Hime-galaxy, @Lovely-Eppy, @KelseyPrincessOfSamo, @Tomahony1

Grandmas: @Lil_nin_nin, @Rottylover12, @bean346


Great Auntie: @LovelyKatrinaRose

Cousins:, @Elizabeth_Kishimoto, @Jagseonee

Big Sisters: Arielle: @springisms-, @-_Master-Of-Water_-, @lilbearry, @Katiethepurpleninja, @Cute-Lil-Donut, @Cute-Nutella-Jar, @_commentscrystal_

Best Friends: @zZTokyo_LightsZz

Baby Sisters: @-_CutieSushi_-, @Little_leopardkitten

Big Brother: @StoryBeTold

Uncles: @General_Kenobi501st, @NightHunter115

Love Interest:

Baby Daughters: Emily: @Flamestriker45. Jenna: @LupinWhite6, Sasha: @SexySasha11, Beth: @TmntBeth, @sweetnekobabygirl

Toddler/Elem. School Age daughter: Aspen: @xX_SleepyBaby_Xx

Baby Nieces: (Born or Adopted) @BabyGirlYokina

Nephew: @TailsTheFox2020

Grandson: @TOKYOWOLF17
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